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Re Jetting

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I just got a Cobra Dynojet kit. It has 82,86 and 90 jets. Also looking for new exhaust. What jets should I install and whats the best exhaust. Looking for good sound(not obnoxious), with good performance gains. What else needs to be done when rejetting?
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Put the biggest jet set possible, note that each carb has a different stock jet.
Here is the best link to do the job. Step by step with good pictures. Shim your needles or use needles with multiple notches and put the c clip in the second notch from the pointy end for starters. C Clip too far from the tip will cause it to pop back thru the carbs, that is too lean.
I went with a Cobra 2 into 1 pipe & muffler and very pleased. Good luck
Syncronize those carbs!

After you open the carbs to install the jets, you need to syncronize both carbs after you are done. Its a simple to do and effective. Anytime you open the carbs up to install jets, adjust the floats or whatever, you need to sync the carbs. I made my own syncronizer and the cost was about $10, well worth it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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