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Ready to updgrade from VStarClassic 1100

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I've been very happy with my 2000 1100 VSTAR Classic which I got in 2003 with 1400 miles. I think I've narrowed my choice to the Roadstar Silverado '08 or beyond, and the Royal Star Tour Deluxe. Mostly I ride in town, but about once a year I go on a long haul. I've ridden both and actually like the similarity of the Roadstar to my current bike and appreciated the bigger displacement and higher 5th gear on the interstate. The Royal has the advantage of Cruise, and the Roadstar the advantage of fuel injection, familiar comfort and confidence for me. Any thoughts?
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sounds like the roadstar is the bike for you!
Thanks for the reply Eldermo. I think I'll have to wait til after winter to upgrade, but in the mean time, I'm already learing a lot on the forum.
When the Roadstar went to FI, the gas milage went down besides it is an after thought and not part of the original design. I have spoken to people that have these and are not to happy with the FI.
When I upgrade I will go to a Roadstar, eventually. I just want more power and ability to cruise farther on a tank full.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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