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Recommendation for lowers on 950-T ??

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I had the dealer install passing lamps so now I would like to know 2 things...

1. Do lowers really make a difference? (wind protection on my legs)
2. Need a recommendation on what / where to buy.
Checked "Bucks" not sure they will fit with the passing lamps and Memphis shades did have have anything for the 950.

Thanks for your thoughts!
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I have had lowers on my last two bikes. They do take a lot but not all of the wind off your legs. Maybe some might take it all but mine do not. The best results of the lowers has been to eliminate the buffeting at high way speed behind the windshield. Caused by air comming in under the windshield then turning up. The air hits the outer part of my leg.

I have bucks lowers and Yamaha passing lights on my Stratoliner. Along with engine guard. They work well. I see J&P Cycle has some lowers that bolt onto the forks. It is hard to tell from a picture if I would like them. Air Wing makes a set that mount on the engine guard. They are expensive.

I have Yamaha passing lamps and lower wind deflectors on my 1700cc silverado and I think they help to take some wind off the legs and the buffing from up & under the wind sheild. Hope this helps.

Ride safe and often.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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