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recommended tires, 1100 silverado stock

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I'm sure it's in multiple threads, but usually with allowances for modified rear fenders, etc. To be able to collect it in one place:

What tires, brand, do you recommend for a stock 1100 silverado riden mostly in town but some freeway, hot country (Texas). Looking for a nice smooth ride, won't ride much in the rain if I can avoid it (quiet you wet, iron butts, I'm oldern you and my wife rides with me some).
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I am an old guy too, avoid the rain if possible, the best and smoothest ride I have ever had was (and is) on Metzler 880 marathon, love these tires, stick great, smooth ride, long lasting. They cost a bit more than many others, but to me, well worth it. I know not all agree, every has different views on this. I run an 1100vstar Silverado, stock (mostly) and the wife rides a good deal of the time with me. Hope you take a look, and hope this helps.
I have to agree with sugar bear the metzlers are by far the best dry road tire for the 1100.

thanks for the recommendation. I will be changing them out in Dec. and will probably get them unless something else comes in at a much, much better price. Noting else is jumping up and down though.

I have gone through a set of tires a year for the last six years. I just do not find the big differences many people talk about. So I try to stick to the brands the manufacturer put on the bikes. Bridgestone and Dunlop. I have tried Aons and Metzeler. They are as good as any. Only complaint some have with Dunlop and Bridgestone are with an heavy load and a hard turn a slight noise from the deeper wider tread groves on tire edges is heard. Doesn't bother me. Don't remember if the other tires do this or not.

dangerous tires

2004 1100 classic.stay away from chinese "maxxis" tires, like greased lightning in the wet, very dangerous.guy b4 me scrimped on tires, they even cost about $120 apiece.I can run like a rail on my goldwing on dunlop elite 3's.my harley buddy says metzler.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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