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2012 V-Star 950
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This turned out to be a very reliable, no headache bike so far. Averages 50mpg in the city and backroads driving I do. Quiet, so all the neighbors like it and there is still that v-twin vibration and bass as I am riding the backroads. I found that taking off the bags and windshield helped with aerodynamics and made the ride smoother overall, even now that the air is more chilly.

I still feel that Yamaha messed up with the transmission. Pulling away from a stop light should be a pleasant experience and has never felt that way with this bike. The torque is sharp and the first and second gears run out in microseconds. So instead, I am shifting fast to keep the engine in a sweet spot and not get too high in rpm where it sounds rattle-ey. With so much torque in this engine, there was no need for the gear ratios to be so harsh. I wouldn't have minded a slower start if I could have smoother take-offs.

That is the only complaint. We have had some nice rides together. The bike is all curves - voluptuous. So wherever I go, I can't stop looking at it.

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