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Relocating driver floorboards forward

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I just took a Stratoliner out for a demo. Even though the handlebars are big they worked for me. Can't say the same for the floorboards. Felt they were too high. Has anyone moved them forward for extra leg room? Any problems associated with moving them forward i.e. shifter, brake pedal?
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I haven't seen anyone relocate the floorboards but I have seen raider forward controls installed on a liner. If you put the Raider controls on it and still need room I've seen extensions up to 5 inches for the raider.

And I quote "Road/Stratoliner Control Extension Kit

Use Our kit to comfortably move your stock floorboards and all of your controls forward 3" . Our kit comes complete with everything you need to move your legs and knees to a much more comfortable riding position. "

This is from Pacific Coast Star's website.
My friends roadliner has the 3" extensions and when I rode it it felt much more comfortable than mine. I bought the kit but it will require me to notch/cut my corbin chin fairing, haven't worked up the courage yet. He also has a 2 " lowering kit, but that caused his pipes to drag on right turns or when you hit a speed bump. Again looks great but I can't do it.
Thanks for the info. That kit looks perfect. Now all I have to do is buy the bike.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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