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So, I LOVE my bike. AND, I HATE the fugly tail/brake light assembly on the back.

Ewww. Fugly.

Soo, I want to replace it with this cool retro LED light (modeled off a Lincoln Zephyr brake light, but new design/construction)…

(Turn signals will be separate, and probably LED bullets mounted higher, on the side of the fender.)

Problem is… the back side of the Zephyr light is flat. The fender definitely ain’t.

I was thinking maybe a rubber block I could shape… I dunno

Any thoughts on how to marry one to the other? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. The new light will probably not cover all the existing holes from the OEM lights... I may end up filling the existing light holes with bondo and repainting, but I'd rather not...yet. I want to enjoy the nice paint job for a year. Maybe paint her this winter.

Thanks in advance,


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