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Anyone have experience with replacing the oil level gauge sight glass in the left crankcase cover on the VStar1100 motor?

My 2000 VStar 1100 Classic experienced a low speed drop, but it was enough to puncture left case cover with the heel portion of the shifter. So I purchased a new crankcase cover (for the low low price of 300 bucks!) and now need to transfer all the innards from old cover to new one - Stator, shift shaft bearing/seal, clutch pushrod seal, and yes, you guessed it, the oil level sight glass.

I was OK up to that last point. The sight glass looks to be pressed in from the back side. But before I try any of the standard shade tree mechanic tricks (like heat entire cover in oven then quickly cool the pressed-in part with ice, or cool entire part in freezer then heat around pressed-in part with torch), I wanted to see if anyone had experience removing/replacing one.

All suggestions welcomed and appreciated!
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