Genuine Yamaha Part # 1D7-85880-00. 2006-2014 all Yamaha Roadliners and Stratoliners.

The linear control valve (LCV) is sort of like a choke but for fuel injected engines. It supplies air to the throttle bodies when starting or during engine warm up and causes higher idle Rpm's. If/when it goes bad some symptoms are loss in power, poor throttle response, excessive popping, chugging in lower rpm's, stumbling with throttle, erratic idle, or frequent stalling/dying when slowing down and coming to a stop.

I purchased this part locally for MSRP of $262.99 but then sold the bike before ever installing it. I see it online now for $227.66.

Offering it here for $150 shipped anywhere in the ConUS just to get it out of my shop since it can't be returned. Send a PM if you are interested. PayPal preferred.