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Saddlebag Options for a 2005 1100 Custom?

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I did a search in this forum, but nothing really came up, so I'm asking, what saddlebags have you got on your 1100 Custom? I've been looking for some that are not too big, but big enough for a few grocery items or my gym clothes or 6 quarts of oil and a filter - if that gives you the idea.

Anyway, what would you suggest? Also, what manufacturer and who has the best price?

Thanks much!
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I'm going to watch this thread too. I've looked a a lot of bags and haven't found any that I really like for my 1100 custom. I don't really care for the leather ones with lots of studs and the hard ones are either too small or too expensive. From what I've seen the leather ones get pretty worn and saggy. I've pretty much given up but I do tend to perk my head up when I see a thread about saddle bags.
Check out hardstreet.com for great hard bags. I bought a pair for my 950 and I'm very pleased. They manufacture the bags for Star available on the Star website under "accessories".
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