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I tried to post this in the exhaust section but it is telling me I don't have permission to post there for some reason. I hope somebody can help me on this.
I picked up a new set of Samson Rolled Thunder Oval slip ons for my 2005 Roadstar 1700.
They came with 1 page instructions that I thought were very straight forward. I have the following questions to anybody who has installed them on their bike.
Loosen the clamps holding the mufflers to the header pipes.
MY FACTORY MUFFLERS DON"T HAVE CLAMPS ON THEM. They are slipped on and there is a 2" wide exhaust gasket that fits in between the factory muffler ends and the header pipes. These gaskets cover up the slots cut into the ends of the slip ons so they don't leak.
The directions make no mention of these exhaust gaskets. Am I supposed to reuse them for the new exhaust? They are in fairly lousy shape.
The lower slip ons went on perfectly. There are slots in the end of the slip ons but when I push them into the exhaust header the slots get covered by the factory exhaust pipes.
The upper slip ons aren't so good. If I fully seat them on the factory header pipe the hole in the bracket that mount them to the hangar doesn't line up. If I back the slip on out to line up the mounting hole you can see the slots where the exhaust will leak where they slip on to the factory header pipe. It seems to me that I need to install those gaskets that I mentioned earlier so that I won't have a leak where they need to be clamped but the kit didn't come with gaskets, they don't mention gaskets and I don't think I can reuse my old ones.
Any help is greatly appreaciated!
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