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Scorpion EXO-100

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I have been looking at maybe getting a new helmet. I saw the Scorpion EXO-100 helmet at my local dealer and was interested. I have not purchased one yet but am saving for it. I was wondering if anyone has one and how they like it. Currently I wear a 3/4 HJC CL5 or a Fulmer full-face depending on the weather conditions. I was thinking of a 1/2 helmet for the days when it is above 80 degs. I ride on a military installation and they require something covering my eyes besides my glasses. I like to ride in town with a shield and this helmet would allow me to do both with one helmet.
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ratceting shield

How about an openface with a ratcheting face shield? Raise it up or put it down.



Thought of that but like the clean look of the EXO-100. The shield retract into the helmet. Before I spend the $125US on one or two of them, thought I would get opinions from users.

Plus I would like not to have a sheild sticking above my helmet. Mostly I ride to work and only have to use a shield when I am on base. Once I leave, I would like to raise the shield and not have the extra drag at hwy speeds.

Thanks for the idea however.
I have the EXO-100, for the wife and I both. I LOVE THEM!!! I also have the EXO-400's. Scorpion products are the best bang for the buck, in my humble opinion. I use the 100 for daily driving, and the 400 for inclement weather. The disappearing faceshield is great. Normally I just wear my Wiley-X's when riding, but the the additional protection is great! I would highly recommend the EXO-100!!
Just my 2 cents! Shop around, and look on ebay, there are some for about $80 shipped!!


Thanks for the reply. That is exactly what I was looking for, someone with first hand experience of the helmet.
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