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Two questions (Not sure if you'd prefer two seperate posts for different questions, or get it all done in one thread, feel free to split this if you like)

Question 1: "Phrase Match"
Do you have an article or other resource that could help for advanced searching? One of the things I've found that I'd like to have access to is "phrase match" searching. Example: If I use the advanced search tool, and attempt to search for "Chrome Polish" - the search result show all results for "Chrome", plus all results for "Polish", and obviously for the full phrase "Chrome Polish".

Question 2: "URL Display"
I just posted a question with a link to: https://www.araiamericas.com/product-information/care-cleaning
In this example, I would have liked the verbiage for the link to be "Arai Faceshield Cleaning" --- What syntax would I use to have the verbiage be what I would like, but still link to the correct url? (I did try what I expected to work in the sandbox forum area, no joy)

Edit: Found answer to Question 2 --- easiest is to click the "insert link" button in the toolbar above and edit from there.
Arai Faceshield Cleaning

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Hey MattF,

To answer question 1, we actually have 2 different kinds of search. One is the VB search and the other is Google Search. This comes down to preference and what works best for you, although sometimes searches seem to be more favorable using the Google one.

If you're not sure where this is, it's located at the top right corner:


Give the google a try and let us know how that goes.

Glad you were able to find an answer for question 2! :)

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