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owner: spidr

Year: 2000
Make/Model: V-star
Eng size: 1100
Modifications: Everything
Accessories: None?
Length of time to build: 14 months
And the story/inspiration/additional comments:
I've owned her since new. Rode her to every major event in my life.
And then about 8 years ago she got parked, and waited patiently for some love.

So last fathers day my kids stripped it to the frame, we pulled some important and useable parts, and made everything else from scratch.
My kids learned to weld, run the lathe, the CNC plasma table, and did as much of the mockup and re-assembly as they could manage.

It took 14 months from tear down, to first ride, and I couldnt be happier. Few more tweaks and adjustments, and shes good for the 5200 mile round trip in a month, that if all goes well, I'm going to ride the whole way.

Details in my build thread if anyones interested, but a couple of my favorite pictures.
Me and my oldest, a pic from the 2nd ride I ever took on it, since the re-build, and one of just her in all her glory.
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