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Initial thoughts on this front tire after about 400 miles:

$60 from Motorcycle Warehouse (free shipping on orders over $89...I ordered some other stuff, otherwise it would have been $66; still half the price of most others), and it arrived the day after I ordered it (Freaky Fast like Jimmy Johns). It installed quite easily, needing only 20 lbs. to seat the bead, but there is about a millimeter or two of side to side movement in the tire, but it is not detectable on the road. Took it up to about 90-100 mph, and it seemed fine. Yep, I checked the rim, and the movement is in the tire.

I tried for about 10 minutes to find a spot that needed balanced, but finally gave up. It seemed perfect no matter how many times I tried to find a heavy spot. I found a stretch of road that was really flat and smooth, then pulled the clutch lever in at about 70 mph to see if there was any wobbles, and it was smooth as glass.

Handling.....I'm running a car tire on the rear, but I was really surprised at how easily it lays into the corners; it just takes a little flick and it is hugging the inside of the corner. The stock tire I replaced was wore out, so I'm sure there is going to be at least some difference, but I don't remember being able to take the corners so easily with the other tire when it was new. I took the Advance Rider Course last Saturday and had no problems at all.

The real test will be longevity. I got 13,000 out of the stock tire, but probably should have replaced it sooner. So if I can get at least 10,000 or more out of the Shinko, I will be quite happy with the performance.
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