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Well, they finally figured out how to market their product...

Before...(the problem, as I saw it...)....

If you had a subscription with them, as I have...and thoroughly enjoy..., you HAD TO, get companion subscriptions with each radio ID, you wanted to hear your subscription on...like for instance, on my 2018 Star Venture Tran's. It always bothered me, that you had to piggy-back another $10.00 onto your first and prime radio, to add the Star Venture. So...I did the work-around...which works...but logistically is a P.I.T.A.------>that being my use of my prime radio, which is a portable one. I use that in the house, in the car, boat...works great...but is a pain to try and mount to the SVTC..as well, as is not waterproof.

...then came along Sirius Streaming into the mix...that for all, has been FINALLY added to all accounts, (not only premium plans!!!!!)

....downloaded the Sirius Streaming App for my Android Galaxy S9..., went out to the SVTC...turned the Bluetooth on, on my S9....fired up the SVTC on ACC...and (as I always have my Bluetooth on the SVTC engaged as 'on....after 30 seconds of engaging with the Samsung S9 ---found it...and brought up (amazing!!!!) the Sirius XM Canada streaming, no problem...

....on the SVTC display, you get the channel name and number, (in this case, Garth), what's currently playing...and you have a back and forth button active. You can go back into one hour of streaming content, or forward one hour...of your choosing. The one thing you can not do...is change CHANNELS, as you can if you are running the full Sirius XM radio in the SVTC. Not a deal breaker in the slightest...if your phone is in either the left or right hand (where you can have it fed by the USB 1 port) you can (be careful--in Ontario...distracted driving ticket chance of...) you can decide to access your phone and change up the channel off of the app. I don't do this...for I run my phone off of USB Port Two, in the top trunk, if I am solo, or run it in the trunk, not hooked up to USB Port 2, if my wife is aboard...I let her use the USB Port 2. (if the wife is happy...trust me...YOU ARE HAPPY)....so either way, it works out great.

...now as to the sound...the Samsung Galaxy has some pretty AWESOME sonic features....being two that I shall delve into. The first, is that the Samsung S9 has an on-board Audiologist, which if you use the function, will test your hearing..yes your own unique hearing frequency cross section...and after you tell it, by pressing Yes or No, to different sound frequency beeps and tones, (the exact same procedure that a real Audiologist uses in his or her office....it asks you to name the custom 'profile' of which I named; Joe...and now, your phone's stereo speakers or headphone jack will give you the best (for you) audio experience across all scale ranges of frequencies.

Secondly, the Galaxy S9 (if engaged) delivers Dolby's ATMOS sound system...which believe me...is something else to have engaged and to listen to, either by the true dual stereo speakers on the S9, or through your choice of headphones. I run Bose (love Bose...) and it's quite the experience.

So...back to the sound interface between the S9, running my personal (for my hearing) sound frequency profile, and Dolby ATMOS circuit engaged...and the SVTC sound system. One word...WOW....ok...two words..."wow...wow'...LOL!

Because it is Bluetooth, where I can run my USB stick with over 3,600 songs off of the USB Port 1 in the right hand lockable faring storage area, at a volume of 4-5, that beyond that, blows me out of the SVTC saddle...out of a possible 17 in volume level, with BlueTooth, I need to bring the volume up to 8-10 out of a possible 17 to get the same volume level, that my USB Port 1/USB stick will provide.

Not an issue at all, as you can destroy your hearing on the SVTC with volume levels at the 12-17 level without any distortion, or level clipping. The in-house sound system on the SVTC is a work of art...truly, has Yamaha Sound Ltd all over it....

I called Sirius XM Canada, and told a service Rep...that this was a brilliant marketing move, to allow even basic subscriptions to now stream full content, as well as another 100 new channels, videos, and talk/sport shows...over your phone or pad.

Now you are asking (I know you are, lol....) what is the MB usage (if you are barreling down the road on your SVTC, Serius XM streaming)....you will consume 42 MB's of data for each hour. If you have a 4 GB or higher limited, or if you are one of the blessed ones...that have unlimited GB's on your cell account...you are good to go...at 1000 MB's to a GB...divide 1000/42 and you will get ***23.8*** hours of streaming per GB on your account. In my case, that would be over 95 hours of Sirus XM streaming per month. I don't use my GB's much, really for anything else...I wait until free or home WiFi to read newspapers...stuff that has no security concerns...so most of my plan GB's sit there, lonely. No more...been having a blast listening to my Serius XM streaming now on my SVTC. At 95 hours of constant streaming, I'm good for any vacation in running hours I need... Iron Butt hours of 12-15 a day...and at the Tour Zone...4-6 per day. It all works out!

So, closing...if you already have a Sirus XM account...and are not using the new streaming add-on to your account (free...now included!) get your butt to either the Apple or Android store...download the app...sign in with your streaming credentials, you will set up on your account...and head on down the tour road...with non-stop entertainment.

Notam: If you do have a Samsung S9 or S10...I suggest you take the time to create your own personalized sound envelope experience...totally unique to your ears, be sure to engage Dolby ATMOS...which comes through beautifully over the SVTC sound system and my [email protected] Elite 801 in-helmet hi output ear speakers. Oh..just wanted to mention that since having installed the Elite 801 system, replacing the one model below them...I run both the bike AND the 801's together...for a totally wrap around Dolby ATMOS sound experience! The in-helmet (on my modular) [email protected] (corded) Elite 801, puts out fabulous sonic performance, whether listening to music, the C.B., Intercom with my lovely wife, or gabbing on the phone...it's a winner...great bass, mid range and top end. Blows my previous [email protected] out of the water...they have developed their 'art' that much...

Cheers, and happy cruising entertainment...aboard your SVTC, Eluder, or whatever else is your choice of ride... Always...RIDE...to RIDE AGAIN!

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