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Sitting bike

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Hello guys,

My buddy was deployed to Iraq so as a homecoming i took his bike over to my place to clean,tune up ect so it will be ridable when he gets back.Its a 2004 XV1100. has only 9k on it and when he did ride it a few years back it road and ran nice.Well after sitting for almost 2 years its not so nice anymore..I drained the fuel out of the tank(nasty) and replaced the plugs,air and oil filter.She wouldnt run at all..lol.So after choking it out and so on,it finally started,but will only idle low at full choke.as soon as you either throttle it or move the choke off it dies,need some help here.ive only delt with OLDDER bike80-83..lol..non of this new TPS,computer stuff..lol.not sure if there is something im missing
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Try spraying some carb cleaner down the intake while the bike is running. You might have to remove the carbs and clean all of the passages. Kinda sounds like something is plugged. Some guys swear by Seafoam in the gas tank, I have never tried it. Anyting for our boys overseas.
Hope this helps.
I don't think the electronics are the issue at all. Old fuel does nasty things! The carbs will probably need to be taken apart and cleaned. Not that big of a deal to do. Seafoam is a great tool, but it's not a miracle worker!

Good luck, and give your buddy our thanks!
I will vouch for seafoam on minor items, worked great on my old bike.
I will vouch for seafoam on minor items, worked great on my old bike.
So is seaform something you simply add to the gas or do you have to spray it in to the carbs?
I swear by Seafoam also. By it being in your gas tank, it circulates throughout your whole fuel system

Miracle oil has also been used for lubricating the moving parts in a fuel system too.

I prefer Seafoam. It does work.

One thing to caution is that if your carbs have been treated internally with a special coating, regular carb cleaner of FI cleaner may do some damage to that coating.
Sea Foam alone is more than likely not going to solve your problems. If the bike sat with gas in it that wasn't set up to sit (with any additive in the tank) then it is going to do some nasty things to the jets! Mine (V star 650) did the same exact thing when I bought it.. it would run with the choke fully out, but if it wasn't it would die. My pilot jets were completely clogged! Even a small amount of debris in those jets will cause the bike not to idle or run right. Sea Foam is a great product, but it alone doesn't have the power of cleaning the jets out manually. Just my 2 pennies... hope you get it up and running, and tell your buddy I said thank you for his service!
thanks guys,i took the carbs out last night,torn em down,cleaned em out...put everything back together.....it ran better,but still not 100%..gonna try one more time..lol

The only thing you have to loose with the seafoam is $8. I have had some success with it. No miracles though.

try to take something with a sharp point to it (i used a sewing needle) to clean the pilot jets out. they are extremely fine, so any little debris will clog them right up! it make take a couple of times as well... try soaking them in something overnight. that might help too. hope you get it up and running!
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