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Hi, I have a 2008 star 1100 and I did a dynojet kit w/stock intake and cobra slip-ons , when I accelerate lightly(0-1/4 throttle)(It is not noticeable if I open the throttle hard) ,there is a noticeable lag until the main jets kick in at about 2000-2500rpm (kinda like its starving for air/fuel).this problem is not present when I swap the stock exhaust back on,obviously has to do with the back pressure that the stock pipes create , but can you point me in the right direction as to a fix.
the bike is stock less the jetting and slip-ons.

I used the dynojet needles and the bigger DJ112(front) & DJ110( rear ) jets, set the clip to 3 groove ( from top) and did not use the additional washer that came w/kit just as they suggested, then had the bike tuned at my break-in tune up and told them that it had been re-jetted and needed to be adjusted( sync'd)

Any help would be much appreciated , thanks to all ( Great site )
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