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Some advice please

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Hi all,

So yesterday I went out and bought a new gear. I wanted to get a good warm weather outfit. I do a good amount of riding in the city and also will be commuting. I wanted to find gear that was practical yet safe. I am not a big fan of the real racer looking gear and wanted some that wouldn't stand out too much. Please let me know what you think. Does it look like a good setup or should I make any changes if I can? Thanks!

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Looks good


I guess you have a jacket to match? If you should hit the pavement they would certinly help against road rash. Only problem might be will you bother to put them on?

I bought a First Gear jacket this year. Some armor in elbows and shoulders. Vents to stretch out my use. Much lighter than my leather, Just as warm.

I hate using old cliché's but "LIVE TO RIDE AND RIDE TO LIVE". I wouldn't worry what other people think as far as a fashion statement goes. As long as it protects you and you'll actually wear it. I laid my old leather jacket to rest and bought one similar to Linerdave's. That and my full face helmet don't really fit the cruiser image up here but I'll live to tuck my kids in at night and to ride another day.
Ride safe
I am new to riding I did attend to the motor safety riders class and they stressed safety gear, helmet, jacket , gloves, boots, visibility, I bought the textile armoured jacket got it at site below, i got a modular helmet and really like the features it has and slips on an doff easily over glasses and the flip down sun glasses work great. I also wear a high visibility vest over my jacket, gloves, jeans, boots. A little hot in summer but feel a bit safer. Hope you find something you like, there are many good brands.


as far as safety goes, also consider a braking modulator and/or extra lights
Ol Sugar Bear, old school and out of sync, still wears and loves the feel and smell leather, it is not new age, but neither am I.:)
I have both leathers and open face helmet for the summer, and Joe Rocket textile jacket, pants and full face helmet for the winter when it rains far to often here. I like the feel of the leather and the dryness of the textiles. But then I am too stupid to come in out of the rain and drive a box on 4 wheels.
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