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Sounds of losing power while clutch disengaged.

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I have an 650 custom that I recently took out of storage. I haven't ridden it much (about 30 miles) since removing it from storage and it rode fine the day it was removed and sat for about 2 weeks until I was able to ride it again. When riding and switching gears it gets really quiet (compared to normal) and sounds like it wants to stall. I did have it stall a couple times on me the other day while doing this and it sounded like it wanted to stall anytime I had to sit long at a stop light and let it idle. I'm not sure if I'm warming it up improperly or what is wrong. It was stored with a full tank of stabilized fuel. I recently removed the tank to access stuff underneath if that could elude to anything. Could it be that I need to clean my carburetors? or what else might it be?

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A good first and easy thing to do, especially after a period of storage, would be a tank of fresh gas with a treatment of tryed and true Sea Foam, if it's nothing severe, I think a half can or so for a full tank. The stuff is a great cleaner for carbs and fuel systems, I use Lucas with good results also. Hope this can help you.:)
sea foam

I'm no fan of stabilizers. But i know that SEA Foam works well. I have use it in my tractors and left them in the field for 6/8 months, go out in the spring time and work them like dogs for 14hr a day for two weeks at a time. used sea foam.:D Besides you can get it a wally-eees-worlds:eek:
After reading all of the posts having problems after storage. This E10 fuel that we are being forced to use breaks down with in 45 days of pumping. I am thinking that maybe it is best to drain all fuel and store with the tank and carbs empty. Then upon recommisioning fill with fresh fuel. But this is just my 2 cents worth.
Thanks everyone for the great advice. After using up the gas stored in the tank through winter I have not had any more issues with the bike. I will keep all of your suggestions in mind for next time I store the bike.

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