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Starter not working

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2004 XVS1100: Bike has been starting and running fine. Visited a friend. Ready to go home. Push start button. Hear starter spinning but not the engine turning. Yes in neutral, kick stand up, kill switch set for running. Jump started the bike and road home. Could the starter relay cause this?
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Unlikely. If the starter relay points are finished then you won't get any power to your starter. It will not spin like it does. First remove your positive wire to your starter. It's right on the starter. Then take a jumper wire directly from the positive battery to the starter to bypass the relay. See if it does the same thing. If it does, this will confirm that your relay is fine and the problem is further, more likely the starter itself or the starter clutch.
This is what I would try because my relay had to be replaced this spring and I had no juice going to the starter.
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