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Hey all,

I found this forum during some down time at work last night and figured i'd go ahead and join up and introduce myself.

I live in Eastern NC and just purchased this past saturday a new 2009 Yamaha V STAR 950. Sticker was still showing $8400, walked out paying $6582. Black and Chrome, all the way.

Not my first bike, I've had a Shadow VLX 600, followed by a CBR600RR.

Planning on adding the nice leather hard bags that lock, the star backrest and a removable shield down the road, but the look of the bike as it comes is just amazing to me.

I work in Law Enforcement, have a 13 month old daughter and my wife and I enjoy trips to the beach and mountains though it wont be on this thing with a 13 month old :) Hope to get the wife on it soon.

I'll be a member of the Blue Knights as well, which is a fraternal police officer motorcycle group which conducts and participates in rides and functions to raise money for worthy causes.

If any of you all are in the area, feel free to drop me a line!
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