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...a thread for just chatting about...ride stories. Good, bad, great, horrible, as long as it pertains to you being on your Stratoliner, here it goes!

Today, on the way home from a weekend at my sisters, about a 50 minute ride from Carrol county back into my hills of central Maryland, I, as usual, took the route back that was all about riding and had only a vague connection to actually getting home. 50 mins became about 2 hours. :lol:

So, after running out of ideas on back roads and 'short' cuts, I decided the last 10 miles would actually be on the highway. Mind you, this is, oh, about 10 miles PAST where I would go in the car so, it added to the ride. Some more. :D

Blasting onto the exit, banging gears uphill on I70, we make it a few miles and then it stops. Construction back up. Plenty of gas, didn't have to pee, no hurry, not sure I have ever run into a back up and simply did not mind.

I spend the next 10 minutes crawling up the hill, working on my low speed, rear brake drag technique, seeing how long I can go without putting a foot down.

Get to the top of the hill and I just shut her off and drift down the hill, same thing, working on slow speeding handling, this time dead stick! :lol: (was hot as hell anyway!)

Finally get to the work site, down to one lane and I take the opportunity, engine running, of course, to slalom the cones. Never gets old how much this thing LOVES to turn. I'm having a blast and, finally, got home.

That's it. Nothing exiting. Just a fun ride. Again. :D
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