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Had to drive my Vue to work early this morning, it was drizzling and had to leave at 5AM.

just down the road saw a critter running across the road, right to left
took my foot off the gas
it was an o'possum, got to the center line and turned around
I started braking
it got to the shoulder, and it turned around again
I started braking harder
It walked to the middle of the lane turned towards my SUV and just stopped,
staring at my high beams

And I stopped
we sat there and stared at each other for about 10 seconds
and I said "Well?! Is this how you want it to end?!"

and it wandered off.

When Im riding I always expect animals to be predictable
and usually if you steer behind them you are good

Now .... all bets are off.

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A few weeks ago we had a squirrel do something similar when a few of my buddies and i were out on a ride
Squirrels are the worst! Back and forth, back and forth!

Here's a suggestion; carry large Ziploc bags and some of that alcohol-hand-cleaner-stuff with you always. If you hit a squirrel, or a rabbit, stop in a safe place and go back and put the critter in the bag. Use the hand cleaner. Keep it cool and freeze it as soon as possible. Then PM me and I'll give you an address to ship it to, where it won't go to waste >:)

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I understand that possum have outstanding night vision
so the light from my high beams must have nearly blinded the poor thing.

From his perspective It was walking around at the end of the night
and was suddenly surrounded by an all encompassing light

He tried to run away, but the light was everywhere
so he stopped and tried to go into the center of the light

that is when he heard a loud voice
and a sound like the power of 200 horses

Whatever it was, he felt its love and compassion
because this higher power could have struck him dead in an instant
and yet his life was spared, for a divine purpose he cannot comprehend.

Clearly Mr Possum had a religious experience
I just hope he keeps it to himself
or the road by my house will be lined with critters at 5AM
looking for a glimpse of the Unknowable One that brings the Divine Light.
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