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hello all. this is a public service announcement.
just kidding.
but i would like to talk about taking photos of motorcycles and sharing them online. specifically, how to improve photos of your bike. any tips you think would be helpful to others, please share here. there are tons of photos of motorcycles on this site, and tons of great looking bikes. and it brings a tear to my eye whenever i see an incredible machine in a poorly taken photograph. i am by no means a professional photographer, but i'd like to see everyone improve their abilities of taking simple photos of their bikes so that these kickass machines can be properly shown off. so here are some simple tips that i think everyone can apply with no matter where you live or what kind of camera you use.

make sure that photo isn't blurry. i think this should go without saying, but blurry photos do end up online. when you're taking photos, go ahead and snap a few extra shots. cuz if you just take one, then when you get back home and go through the trouble of downloading/uploading and posting and THEN find out that the only photo you took is blurry, you're probably not going to feel compelled to go back out and redo it.

2)angle of bike
feel free to get creative here. there's nothing wrong with just standing back a couple feet and snapping a quick photo, but i don't feel this shows of your bike as well as it could, and it looks like little effort was done to try to show it off. try out different angles. try squatting down a tad to get a more horizontal shot. try shots from the other side of the bike. some from slightly behind or slightly in front to get different perspectives. you may surprise yourself.

i think this is probably the best way to show off your bike, or not show it off as i've found. again, nothing wrong with snapping a quick pick of your beautiful ride as it sits on the driveway, but wouldn't it look so much prettier or cooler if, instead of your neighbors' driveways and lawns surrounding it, you're on the side of a winding highway? or a pretty park or landmark is framing your bike? something scenic and not ordinary. obviously, we can't always take off on a cross-country road trip at any time just to take pretty pictures, but i'm sure everyone can find some place where they live that has a much more inspiring background to frame your bike than the local grocery store's dumpster.

4)play with the different photo features on your camera/phone
even older phones/cameras have some photo editing/taking options. explore them. play with them. use different filters or lighting. you'd be surprised how much of a difference it can make.

that's all for now. and again, you don't have to be a professional by any means to take a good shot of your bike. i'm certainly not. but i think these are some very simple things that everyone can do to take better photos and better show of these beautiful machines no matter who you are, where you are, or what equipment you have. and if any of you have any more basic hints, please share.

here's a short video that has even more ideas. and ignore what he says about needing a good camera. the best photo i've ever taken of my bike was with my old HTC EVO 4G phone in 2010.


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Great tips. Drives me nuts when I see pics of a bike that have a ton of stuff going on in the back ground. If you take pics with your Smart Phone get an app like Snapseed that allows for some quick editing. You can crop out stuff that might be undesirable in the background, and then play with shadows and other features like lens blur, etc. You can take an average photo and make it pop.

Here is a random pic I took before some simple editing with snapseed on my Galaxy Note 4:

And afterward:

I know it is not a bike, but you get the idea of what can be done.
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