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Well I know longer own my Raider but I am still a member of the Yamaha family.
Sold my Raider for a pretty penny and purchased a Stratoliner Deluxe. I rode every
Bagger out there and like something about everyone of them but the 113 ci 1900 cc
Won me over. The Strat Deluxe was a smart move for me with the kind of miles I put
On all my bikes. I have put about $2,400 into the new bike so far and the next three mods
will really turn this new bike into something special. I plan on putting a 21" rim up front
And do another full wrap fender, then slam it to make it my own.

Here is the last picture taken of my Raider.

And Here's a picture of my Deluxe with some pictures of my mods to date.

It's All About The Ride
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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