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Well, the last week has been a bit of an eye opener for me.

I bought my bike at a dealer auction last spring, specifically because of the colour and overall retro look of the bike. The plan was to ride it a bit, but flip it for a profit. The problem is, no-one was buying bikes and those interested made ridiculously low offers. Now I am in love with the bike and although I could use the money, I am not in a hurry to sell it. (put 3000kms last month)

So, to the learning part of the story.

Last weekend was the "Thunder in the Highlands" bikefest in our city and since I had to get a new front tire which was going to lay the bike up for the day I decided to strip her down to do a major cleaning and waxing. This uncovered a few surprises.

The fenders turned out to be fibreglass, I believe Baron Vintage model. It also has Baron dashboard extensions and the carb is a Mikuni 42mm flat slide, set up for use with the fuel pump.

I also learned, by accident, the colour isn't '57 Chev as I was told, it is Indian Turquoise and cream.

While it was apart, I also moved the fuel pump from between the cylinders to under the seat. This really opens up the engine and looks much better. Next is eliminating the AIS to tidy up the front a bit and maybe add an oil cooler between the downtubes.
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