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Okay, so I'm not one to leave "well enough" alone...

1999 Road Star Silverado - Just passed 11,500 miles, 4,500 are mine since march of 2013, the other 7K were original owner from 1999-2013.

She was idling rough IMO so I decided to "tweak" her just a wee bit and now I can't stop her from popping and backfiring upon deceleration. Soooooo I "tweaked" her back to where I thought she was and it's made it worse...

Now my new hobby is popping around town and leaning way too far over the tank to ''tweak'' the bike and see what happens. It's like a weird eye exam, tweak, better or worse, tweak, better or worse???

I am ready to take her into the local shop to get a professional involved soon...

Any advise is most welcome here, and I promise not to adjust another thing without first consulting the manual.

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