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Had a hell of a time removing the stock baffles from my Speedster Longs - those things are really jammed in there. You can make a tool to hook them out (a broom handle with a drywall nail through it can act like a hook) but I didn't have either on hand. So here's how I got them out.

Those baffles are jammed in there good. So once I'd removed the small bolt that holds them in place I put some thick pieces of cardboard (about 1" thick) on the floor of my garage and dropped the muffler assembly from a small height (6" or so) onto the cardboard repeatedly until the baffle had shifted inside the pipe to the end. It took me a while (about 10 mins) to do this - I didn't want to drop the muffler from too high to avoid damaging it (and the cardboard absorbs the shock) - figured slow and steady.

Once the baffle is right at the end of the pipe (here's the tip) I took a 10mm spanner and, using the bolt from the muffler that I took out earlier, put the bolt through the circular end of the spanner and threaded it into the little sleeve on the inside of the baffle, like this -

The baffle was still pretty wedged in there, but you can then pull on the spanner and - with a bit of mustard - you can get the thing out. Job done =)
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