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Tire bead broken by thought instead of contraption

I’m a shade-tree mechanic. I’m also a thinking man.
These complement each other and my motorcycling.

I hadda change the rear tire on my Vstar. So I had to break the bead. So I thought about it on my last cpl rides before the change because that was the hardest part of the last tire change I did.
I don’t change tires enough to justify the money or space for a store-bought bead breaker (or tire changer).
Some of the DIY bead breakers I’ve seen on the internet are crudely scary while others need to be mounted to a wall stud... they’re all ‘out’.
I invented a way to break the bead quite easily that didn’t need me to buy anything or mount anything!!
I now present the easy, portable, cheap, fast and easy way to break a tire bead;

All it uses is: a motorcycle tie-down strap, a piece of auto fuel line, a car jack, a plumbing T and a screw driver.
Yes, that is ALL - I concede that not everyone has a piece of auto fuel line or a plumbing T, but it’s CHEAP!

Release air, remove valve stem
Tire / wheel flat / horizontal
Put the piece of fuel line (7/16, fuel injection, 4+ inches) on the tire right next to the rim of the wheel
- note: Fuel injection fuel line is stronger and therefore stiffer than ‘regular’ fuel line.
Put the jack (I used a bottle jack, but most any portable could be used) on the tire & fuel line with the inside edge of the jack lined up with the outer edge of the wheel.
'Jack' the jack enough to put the ram of the jack into the T fitting – 3/4” PVC (iron would be ‘better’ because it has slight flanges). You won’t need the fitting if you use a scissors jack...
Wrap the strap around the tire twice – and over the T fitting. Secure it (to itself) and snug it.
Slowly ‘jack’ the jack.
Use the screwdriver to ensure the jack doesn’t press down on the wheel, but right next to it, on the fuel line.
Once the jack is along side the wheel, jack it!

I was going to use a piece of 1x4 under the tire when I did the second bead, but it as so easy and FAST that I forgot about it - and didn’t need it.
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