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So this morning I changed out my front tire... glad to know how to do it, don't plan on doing it again. All around pain in the rear end.

Firstly I can't break the bead on my own, secondly getting the bead to reseal on the new tire was incredibly difficult (I watched a guy with a BMW tourer do it and it took less than 30sec - my tire took close to 20mins and a ratchet strap around the outside and it STILL didn't do the pop but it's holding pressure so I guess it's ok) and thirdly it took ages to find the proper torque for the axle bolt (it doesn't seem to be anywhere in my shop manual for some reason).

But at least I know how to do it and in a pinch I can fix it myself if need be. And I know what to check for when I pay someone else to do it.

The second pic is the BMW guy breaking the bead on his tire... I was too busy to take pics while doing my own tire :p

Oh yeah - read a lot about Dyna Beads and have decided it's just as easy to balance the tire the old fashioned way as long as you have access to the weights!

And if anyone is interested I put a Michelin Commander II on the front to match the back :)


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