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Tire help.

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Looking for the perfect tires (recommended) for my 04, 650 with....5900 miles on bike and original tires! Still hold air but not to stable even though lots of tread left. Also looking for a sissy bar and fairing for the bike. I once read there are two upgrades to make on this bike from factory but do not remember what they were. Does anyone have thoughts on this?

Thus far I am thinking of Commaders 3's, Pirelli Night Dragons GT or Bridgestone BT46's.

A beautiful day here in Seattle! Must get my bike running properly ASAP! Thanks. I also own a 73 Giant Killer 350 and am looking for mechanical love for it!
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I recently bought the commander 3’s. maybe 500 miles on them. So far so good. I got caught in an absolute monsoon a few days back, but felt comfortable at 70 mph. They handle really well.

I have had great luck with Michelins, although my first commander 3’s. they certainly get my endorsement
Try these , they should be big enough. :LOL:
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View attachment 126962 Try these , they should be big enough. :LOL:
If you go with these, your speedo might be a little off
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don't rule out the Dunlop Elite 4's. just about the longest lasting tire you can get. a set should last at least 2 years/20k miles without losing any tread. not the stickiest option, so if performance is your number one priority, then the Dunlop's would not be it. but they are pretty decent in performance for at least a year.
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