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I'm looking for tire options for the Roadliner. The owner's manual says Bridgestone G850/1 or Dunlop D251. I can find prices for the Bridgestone however, I can't find the 190/60 17 rear tire for Dunlop or any other brand except Bridgestone. Did Dunlop quit making that size rear tire? Have any of you found any other brands? Is there another size rear tire I can use? :confused:
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I have looked around but found nothing comparable to the Bridgestone 850 and 851 for the tires. I have found that my Yamaha dealer in Columbia, SC sells them at inflated prices ($250 as opposed to $140 at the Tire Rack for the rear) and will not mount any I order, so i get the Victory dealer to mount them. The Yamaha dealer says they are afraid of being sued for a faulty tire they did not sell, but I don't see how. I have also gotten the Harley mechanic nearby to mount the front tire after i took it off the bike at home. He says he does not have metric tools but did a great job on the mounting. So tires have been my big issue with my Roadliner. Since i purchased the bike in 06, i see other brands producing similar sizes but stick to the Bridgestone and keep them pumped up for good cornering manners.
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Dunlop vs Bridgstone

my bike came with the dunlops. they always felt like they were ready to slide out at any time. after the rear wore out i replaced it with a bridgestone thru denniskirk.com got it for 145.00. took the rear tire/wheel off and brought it to local yami dealer. they changed it with out blinking an eye. they still charged up the ying yang though. the bridgestone was so much more superior to the dunlog it was like night and day. the dunlop i could fry right off like nothing. after i got the bridgestone i did 3 accidental wheelies. i thought i was going to do a big o'l burnout and the next thing i know the bridgestone is hookin and the front tire was comin up. did a 1 ft high wheelie for 30 feet. the dunlop never came close to the hook up of the BS. the 190/60/17 is a yamaha special and they were the only two makers of this tire. you can get close though. do a search for tire calc on the net. type in the 190/60r17 and it will tell you the height. the important thing is the tire height. it controls the speedo and other things on injected bikes if the replacement is shorter than your original then the speedo will read faster than actual.
i just bye it on denniskirk.com and save the money.


good luck.
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Bridgestone tires

I bought Bridgestone G851/850 Cruiser Radials at Shadetreepowersports.com
Front part#54-89 $100.99
Rear part# 54-90 $149.99

They are a catalog store, but if you are in driving distance of a store they will mount it for $25. I live near the Middlefield, Ohio Store.

My dealer had been very expensive on these tires but now that they are more available they have come down. They still can't match the catalog store. But that rear tire is a bugger for me to get the bike high enough to clear the tire.

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I agree about the Bridgestones the change was like night and day in handling characteristics, the Bridgestone handled better than the new Dunlops. At first I thought it was just changing from a worn tire to a new tire but the more I realized that the Dunlops just sucked with lack of control and always felt like they were going to slip and it took a lot of muscled countersteer to turn adequately. They also wore out at 7500 miles and because of the supposed equal weight distribution of the bike I was replacing both (worn out) at the same time. My dealer gave me the internet price for the Bridgestones which was about 250 for both but charged me a 1 and 3/4 hours labor to mount.
Thanks for all the replies. I'll check with my dealer before I buy them online, but from what I am hearing I'll stick with the Bridgestones.
Bob :)
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