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Treatment for Factory Saddlebags

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I am now the proud rider of an 09 1100 Silverado. This is my first bike with saddlebags. The bags are the ones from the factory and I forgot to ask the dealer if I needed to do anything special to treat the bags. Any help would gladly be accepted. I just want to keep the bags great looking as long as I can. Thanks.
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I have an 06 silverado and have done nothing to the bags. After 5 winters outside getting rained on and daily use I see some slight cracking in the hinge area. I suppose if one wanted they should be treated with something like mink oil to keep the leather soft.
On my '09 950T with the factory leather covered hard bags, the dealer gave me a jar of Yamaha Mink Oil. I have put it on twice so far, in 5 months, and they really look nice afterwards. Time will tell, but mink oil has always been the best in my humble opinion for leather......
+1 on the mink oil. Great stuff for leather.
Mink oil also work great on your leathers, and to water proof your boots.
Leather treatment

I use Armor All on my 1100 stock bags, makes them look good. I use it on my jacket and chaps too, does a good job with my leather.
Thanks all, I am out of town but when I get back have to schedule my 600 mile checkup and will grab some mink oil while there.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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