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This site is a great resource for what ails our babies! Case in point: My 2008 V-Star 1300, which you guys helped me fix! Here was the problem:
"Tank and sub-tank were full of rust/sludge (got that taken care of, I think - see my garage for an interesting pic of what was in the tank). Still having an issue with cut-out after it's warmed up - I'll be running just fine and then it starts missing and gets progressively worse. I'll coast, turn the bike off then immediately restart and I'll be good for another few miles until the process repeats itself."

Several replied, including patrickdk who NAILED IT with his reply:
"There has to be a filter on the fuel pump, I would look there, but yes, there likely isn't another filter. From what you said, it works for a few min, then starts to die. Sounds like it cannot suck in gas fast enough to the fuel pump, so once you use up what you have in the line, it starts to sputter, give it a chance to catch up, and it's ok again for alittle bit. I would make sure all the hoses and filter and check the fuel pump itself if there is something in it's internal hoses or filters. After that I personally would likely change the fuel pump (after making sure I didn't overlook any other cheaper solutions)"

MY BIKE IS FIXED! Since tank rust and gunk don't appear to be a problem limited to the 1300 I'm posting this here. The fix: Removed tank, flushed all the rust out. Replaced petcock valve (there were 2 filter screens inside the tank on the petcock). Blew out all fuel lines with compressed air. Removed sub-tank then removed fuel pump (sub-tank was a rusty, sludgy mess as was the fuel pump!). Disassembled fuel pump to access the filter screen inside (which was completely clogged), sprayed carb cleaner in tank as well as the fabric filter and fuel pump. Reassembled, started it up and runs like new!!! Only issue: Flashing gas light code 8, which from all accounts I just have to live with. Performance is DRAMATICALLY improved, can't wait to take the wife for a ride tomorrow!

A huge thanks to all who replied, I learned a lot. Will be applying for mechanic position at my local Yamaha dealer soon - LOL!
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