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V Star 1100 2004 Starting Problems

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My motorcycle usually starts at the 2nd or 3rd attempt when the motorcycle is cold. When the motorcycle is hot/warm it starts at the 1st attempt. That's great :D

My issue only happened to me twice and I wonder if I should be concerned:

After running with my motorcycle for a while then I stop for about an hour or so then try to re-start it but it doesn't want to run... 6-7-8 even 10 times.... I can feel a strong gas smell... I let it rest for about a minute and then it starts... I've notice this to happen on very hot days, any relationship?

What do you think I should do? :confused:

fuel filter? clean the carbs? I added a 4oz of SeaFoam to the gas tank, would that help? any ideas?


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How long has it been since the plugs were changed?

Like 1000 miles!
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