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v star 1300 question about pulling a trailer

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I have a 2007 1300 v star bike..Love it so far..My question is where to find a hitch and how much different it is riding with it behind you..I wouls appreciate hearing your comments on this..
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Type in V-Star 1300 trailer hitch into Google press enter. Not sure about the riding though. Try this Delphi Forum.


Click on the green start reading tag.

Here's more links.


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In your owners manual that you got (or should have got) it normaly tells you if your bike can(or should) be outfitted to pull a trailer,depends on what they say. You ask for comments, so here is mine: I figger if a guy needs to pull a trailer, he is haulin too much, take a truck. Just me here, run light, run free:) Whatever you do, have fun and ride safe.:)
Here's an interesting one for single wheel trailers.




The last pic is of a homebuilt Uni-trailer, I guess you could use the same type hitch as the Uni-Go.
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