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V-star 1300 T Handle bars

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I love everything about my 08 v-star 1300 T except the handle bars are to far forward. Has anyone changed there stock bars with one that has more pull back OR narrower? How much more pull back can I have without changing the brake line? I have made a few changes on the bike that really picked up the performance with the V&H pipes,K&N air filter and a Fuel pac fuel managment system. I just need to be able to set up more.
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Star Crusher,

Some suggestions, Risers are one option. You can install aftermarket risers on top the stock risers. Moving the handle bars up and back. Just moving up also moves handlebars rearward due to the rake of the front triple tree. Some risers also move the handle bars rearward as well. Search risers there are several here is one. I believe you can go two inches without changing cables.


Handlebars is another. If you go with handlebars of the same length but pulled in you will lean forward less. Don't think I can help with that maybe someone has changed theirs. I think stock bars goes for a look not so much comfort. I went with risers on my Liner.

Thanks Dave

I have been loooking for risers, that was my first thought, for my bike but I have not found any for the 1300 T becase the speedo is mounted right over the stock risers. I am thinking that going with new bars is the only way on this bike.
Thanks again

Hi Star Crusher. One of my riding buds just got the 1300 also.He has about 2k on it now, at first he like the setup but now he would like the bars back some. It looks like the speedo/gages will be a problem it seams that the hole thing is part of the risers or the riser cap? And that the wiring may be the limiting part ? If it can be done he will do it! and if he dose i will post it.:D
There are many handle bar options, if you go to the following link it will give you some of these options:


This is a good forum for Vstar 1300's:


Here's a link for one of the few (maybe only) risers I know about for the V1300:

It seems many people have replaced the stock 1300 bars with the RTSD (Royal Star Tour Deluxe) bars, and are very happy with them. The RSTD are the bars of choice for the 1300.

I will most likely be replacing mine soon with them as well, the stock bars are bearable, but sure would be nice to be able to sit in a more comfortable position. I really like the seat though, very comfortable.
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