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2014, black and bought it yesterday.
Bike #28 for me. I'm an old & retired.
1st Yamaha cruiser. 1st belt drive.
I like cheap mods. I like useful mods.
I looking for a good luggage rack and lowers now.
Spent all my money to buy the bike, so as a pensioner, I gotta wait until the first of the month to accessorize!!!!
I ride year round. I do not believe cagers intentionally try to kill me. I believe all bikes are invisible to all cagers unless a biker is driving the cage, then we are possibly visible during the phasing in and out of view as determined by the drivers phase shifting spectral visors. Until bike manufacturers come to a consensus and disable our cloaking devices, we are on our own while traversing the local designated transport venues. ymmv.
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