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V star windsheild

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Wats goin on folks I have a v star windsheild that came on my bike it's brand new but I don't use windshields it's a $300 windshield wit the hardware (it has all the hardware) I'm sellin it for $150
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Hi, do you know if it will fit 2009 V star 1300?
And, do you know what the shipping cost via DHL will be to Cape town South Africa?
I don't kno if it will fit for sure but I will find out for sure an let u kno as soon as I kno and I'll check fo DHL when I see if it will fit
From wat I've been told it will fit but I don't wanna say for sure I've never tried if ur still interested I can look up dhl prices plz let me kno thanx
I'd be interested if the other party doesn't want it. Would like to see pics though. :)


Interested in windshield

What yr. size v-star do you have? Will it fit a 2009 950, If both parties fall through I would be interested...is it tinted?
Sorry I haven't been on in awhile had **** goin on it's red at the bottom and it fades up to clear I have pix if anyone wants to are them and I still have it so if everyones still interested I do have it message me an email and I can send pix thanx
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