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I just purchased a 2009 Vstar 950 and have had a blast riding and getting comfortable on the bike. My ONLY complaint so far is my Vance and Hines twin slash round slip on (25407) has a rattle at low rpm under load. Not so much revving in neutral however. With that being said, I have read many other forums that say it's probably towards the inlet side, as the screws holding the baffle in are rock solid tight. Would also like to say I checked every hose clamp on the exhaust and heat shield and all were tight. I can see through the baffling and it doesn't appear there is any fiberglass wrapped around it (maybe pervious owner took it off?). Is there a trick to getting these baffles out? Once it's out, what should I do to get rid of the rattling? If anyone has any experience with this, please drop a comment and help a brother out. Appreciate anyone who read this for taking the time,

Ride on!
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