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virago 250 stalling until hot

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I have a 06 virago 250 that stalls whe I use the throttle until the bike is hot, then it is ok.

It starts fine with the choke then warms up in about 2 or three minutes, then I open the choke and it idles fine, but when I turn the throttle at this time, it stalls.

Is this normal for this bike? ( bike has 1500 mi ).

(when it heats up it works well) thank you for any insight.
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Don't know if this is any help or not, I got an old 82 Virago that is very close to my heart, that's the reason I could not get rid of her when I got my 1100. The old girl is the same as what you are sayin, I just deal with it and let her warm up good, then all is well. Been that way from the start. :) Takes at least as long as you are sayin,to warm up good, if not more, nature of the beast. Hope this helps a little, maybe others have a good answer. Ride Safe.......
They probably have the bike set-up very lean to pass emissions. richen it up with the mixture adjustment and or go up one main jet size.
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