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Hey there, thanks for all the help in the past month or so. I'm finding that my wife really likes the VStar 100 Classic. There are still some things we want to do to it to really make it what she wants. One of which is a lightbar.
Currently, she has a nasty-ass 5 3/4" billet headlight that's got to go. 7" all the way for this bike. I have seen some Harley headlights on EBay that appear to have the same mount as the Yamaha headlight. Anyone out there experimented with a softail headlight?
Also, I have seen a Cobra lightbar that is a reasonable priced light bar and looks pretty good. Anyone have suggestions on other lightbars?
Finally, the Cobra kit supplies the passing lamps, but not the stock turn signals. I want some stock ones to put on it. Currently I have some LED bullets that I want to get rid of. For that matter, I have the stock lightbar that holds the turn signals that I no longer want.

Thanks for your input in advance:
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