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Hi again,
I posted in the new members section a while, probably around December but since then I've been hard at it with the vstar and also by adding the basics to my mission, like passing my bike test :)
So far I have rejetted to mikuni 117.5 main jets because the previous owner had added 1.5" gutless pipes without doing a single thing to the carbs or air flow and was never running right from the start, hence why he sold it to me :)
While I was rejetting I thought I'd add a k&n airfilter too and complete the RAK modification from 650ccnd how to guide. Just gotta sync my carbs and adjust the valves now and job is a good un :)

My bike
2008 Yamaha vstar 650

Conversion progress :-

Fabricated the frame to accept a builtwell solo seat hinge

Fabricated thin pan solo seat and that is now complete and installed onto the bike.

Fabricated the rear fender to hug the rear wheel and attached to under side of the swing arm using a mig welder in 4 sections. Strong as an ox :)

Added 4 bullet indicators

Added a miller tail light & side mount number plate

Currently in the middle of painting the rear fender, tank & side panels

Will be adding white wall tyre paint to cut the cost of the budget bobber build , until I can afford some real white walls

Will also be adding new handlebars at some point.

Next steps...

UK MOT Certificate

Hoping that in 2 weeks I'll have my first road bike legal.

I'll add some pictures soon guys
Peace & ride safe :)
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