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Vstar gearing ratios

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Hey there guys. Im trying to find some infromation on the gearing ratios of the vstar 650s. How are these bikes on the highways? If your traveling at 70mph, does it sound like its going to fly apart or does it sound like its cruising along comfortably?

I was talking to Pop and he said something about the gearing of the 650s being similar to that of the Virago 535s. I know on the highway, that bike has problems keeping up with the bigger ones and it sounds like its about ready to blow also. But thats its ideal RPM

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I ride a 950 and my girlfriends dad rides a Goldwing. However, my girlfriends sisters' boyfriend rides a 650 and the thing really hauls. He keeps up with us just fine and from what I can tell being next to him, it sounds good. I'd say that it doesn't have any problems on the highway and is definitely a good bike. I was considering getting one because of his bike. However, I opted for something a little bit bigger that would fill my needs for a while.

I'd say that with any purchase, you should have the bike started and let it run for a few minutes just to make sure that once warm, it doesn't develop anything. Good luck with your search. :)
Thank you for the input. That makes me feel better :)
Highway on 650

I have a 2008 VStar 650. I live in south Georgia and have rode to Bike Week in Daytona and the Tail of the Dragon in North Carolina and Tennessee. I've had no problems keeping up with the larger bikes and mine performs flawlessly on the highway. The revolutions at 70 mph are just over 4,000, which is more than I'd like but...The bike sounds good at highway speeds and I'd take mine anywhere.
that does sound a tab bit high, but if its machined to work that way, not much you can do.
I've been on a few long road trips on my 650, and it can handle the highway just fine. Just watch out when going through mountains, you're gas millage drops way down, I've run out of gas at 210 km (130miles) passing over mountain range and 225km riding at a higher elevation with a few hills.
The wifes 06 runs good. rpms are a little high on the highway, but thats how they are. I think it should have an extra gear, but I have a 6 speed Vic, so I'm spoiled.
i've had my 650 since november, does just fine on the highway. of course, it's my first bike so i've nothing to compare it to first hand, besides riding with a couple buddies (one on an r6 and another on an older 883 sportster) and haven't had any issues. kept up just fine with both bikes cruising quite fast. i've taken it numerous times on 2 hour trips home, all interstate, cruising around 80 consistently with a little room to spare when needed. it does rev high, but it's merely a high revving engine. built that way, so no concern there. doesn't sound bad either. of course, as most people say...it could use an extra gear lol
See if this link works for you:


The last 2 trips I have been on with my 06 Classic, I had no problems keeping up with the larger bikes in the group. They ranged from my small 650(used to be a large displacement back in the 60s) to an 883 to a 1500 Suzuki.

I was not at all concerned with the engine speed at 70mph as that's the way it's designed.
Thats nifty! Thank you. I am going to go lookin at some this weekend and hopefully get one next weekend. I appreciate all the input guys and gals
I went bike shopping today. I seen this one online at a dealership and I fell for it the moment I seen it in person.

Its an 2000 Vstar custom. Has V&H pipes, aftermarket handle bars, aftermarket seat, engine guards, and custom paint.

Id like to get a rear seat and back rest to match the seat.

I am going to pick it up in two weeks. Got a hellova deal on it since I am payin cash.

Whatcha think?


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