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in the fall temps as low as 40F are comfortable for me, with all my gear on and the windshield on the bike
the air is dry in the fall and the ground is not frozen

in the spring its the opposite - the ground is still thawing and everything is wet and damp, a humid 40F is not as aggreable, even though I have been acclimated thru the winter being outside

the most important thing: either wait till there is a good downpour to wash all the salt dust off the road, and then you get a warm day with dry pavements

or have the hose and buckets of hot soapy water ready when you get home from riding on white salty pavement, and be ready to spend half an hour flooding your bike with 1000 gallons of clear water and soap - or you will pay dearly for putting a bike back in the garage for another few months with a layer of salt on it.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts