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Welp I'm looking for a good rebuild guy anyone know anyone

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Ran great for a while there was evidence of this thing being trashed on and Friday night dropped a cylinder came here cleaned cabs ect.... Ride again same thing then I found this
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Water Automotive tire Fluid Road surface Asphalt

The lovely little gold nugget there is in the rear cylinder and the what I'm assuming is oil there came out of the front any suggestions near Portland Oregon it's my daily and I'm kinda screwed
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Compression Friday night was 168 across bolth the gravel looks gold I'm concerned it's the valve seat rear cylinder was kinda weak ... It runs great for about 5 min then it bucks misses loses a cylinder and wants to kill itself .... Cleaned the carbs checked plugs got oil on the front plug threads not in the combustion chamber was told it was stator pick up been told I was fuel delivery I just scoped it and found this I'm pretty screwed up because it's my daily... I've got loud noise coming from the right side of the case when it's running loud tapping ect... Like I've said before I'm open to input and direction
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I appreciate the response hope I hear from others
No idea haven't dug in to it the compression test showed 166-168 across the two shortly after it started haven't leaked it yet but the water think has me suspicious checked the tps seemed great the carb felt kinda ruff when I parked it like grinding in the twist and the brass looking peace has me concerned but I don't know where to start
Maybe valve seats ...
Water Road surface Asphalt Automotive tire Tar

But this is what I found seemed a bit shiny for gravel
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Xvs650 99-2000 not sure the code believe it's stock I've had a couple weird pops during acceleration or normal throttle and got progressively worse to constant during deceleration and down shifting as soon as I left off
Very well could be but I don't believe it's enough to cause the problem I'm facing ...if gravel in the cylinder causes a dead cylinder and I miss it's gonna save me a lot of time n stress
It was running alright when I got running pretty good the exhaust is chopped no airbox mods ... The fuel system has had a few tanks through it the wash seemed to set it off the miss I'm dealing with
No I absolutely agree to I'll probably try tonight I'm going to try a vacuum with hand I've the exhaust to blast it with a pressure difference to hopefully get it out through the spark plugs well.... The leaf blower is a great idea for drying .. sounds like it's going to the shop tomorrow hopefully looks like I found a decent place .... I'll keep u guys updated it sounds like vape adjustments are really big with these bikes hope it's nothing too serious
Sorry to hear you're having trouble. I'm not skilled enough to offer any advice, but we all can realize what a lousy feeling it is to find major problems.

I hope you find a simple, inexpensive answer.
Thanks man figured I'd take the opportunity to just mechanically do what I want to it enjoy it and pass it on... I found some stuff in the rear cyl the front looks burned up and I'm sure the valves need some love so it's going to the shop for some attention I'm actually looking for a good electrician for some other mods I think will set it apart ... I appreciate it man thank you
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It ran for 5 mins just fine then started cutting after that multiple times also doesn't explain the brass/gold material in the rear cylinder if it is the icm I've got plans for that ..the bobberization kept the icm in the stock location the plugs and filters showed a really lean condition and the sounds kinda coincides with a burnt valve or out of adjustment... It also looks like the rings might be on their way out there's a lot of ..... Deposits in the front cylinder ... Most this should and probably will remain between myself and the shop I do believe there is a electric aspect of this but I believe a few mechanical parts are on their way out as well so unfortunately I'm going to try and get this thing going right.... If I sell someones going to have a great platform but we'll see what comes up and what happens
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