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Welp I'm looking for a good rebuild guy anyone know anyone

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Ran great for a while there was evidence of this thing being trashed on and Friday night dropped a cylinder came here cleaned cabs ect.... Ride again same thing then I found this
Water Automotive tire Asphalt Road surface Soil

Water Automotive tire Fluid Road surface Asphalt

The lovely little gold nugget there is in the rear cylinder and the what I'm assuming is oil there came out of the front any suggestions near Portland Oregon it's my daily and I'm kinda screwed
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you mentioned it is chopped and bobbed. If you eliminated stock air intakes or exhaust you may need to re-jet carbs if they are still original and may be one source of popping. What is the mileage and have the valve tappets ever been adjusted? Sounds like you have multiple issues... rust in tank, popping, loss of power when warm, loud tapping noise. You may have to thoroughly go thru each system (fuel delivery, ignition electrical, engine mechanical) and make sure they are all ok and serviced.
Try air drying with a leaf blower and check for water in a spark plug well.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts