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Welp I'm looking for a good rebuild guy anyone know anyone

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Ran great for a while there was evidence of this thing being trashed on and Friday night dropped a cylinder came here cleaned cabs ect.... Ride again same thing then I found this
Water Automotive tire Asphalt Road surface Soil

Water Automotive tire Fluid Road surface Asphalt

The lovely little gold nugget there is in the rear cylinder and the what I'm assuming is oil there came out of the front any suggestions near Portland Oregon it's my daily and I'm kinda screwed
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The last thread I saw from a guy complaining about his engine not running after washing, resolved his issue by removing the Ignition Control Unit from the rubber boot that had been compromised and relocated during "bobberization", and drying it out.

The ICU had been relocated so it was now out in the rain, and the rubber boot had been inverted, which turned it from being a raincoat into being more of a portable basin. It only takes a few ions ppm to turn water into a decent conductor and it doesn't take much of a conductor to be a more attractive path for high voltage, than a spark gap.
It ran for 5 mins just fine then started cutting after that multiple times also doesn't explain the brass/gold material in the rear cylinder if it is the icm I've got plans for that ..the bobberization kept the icm in the stock location the plugs and filters showed a really lean condition and the sounds kinda coincides with a burnt valve or out of adjustment... It also looks like the rings might be on their way out there's a lot of ..... Deposits in the front cylinder ... Most this should and probably will remain between myself and the shop I do believe there is a electric aspect of this but I believe a few mechanical parts are on their way out as well so unfortunately I'm going to try and get this thing going right.... If I sell someones going to have a great platform but we'll see what comes up and what happens
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