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I recently added an AirHawk R seat pad to my stock seat after not having an Ultimate work out for me (on a side note, I returned it this week and got a full refund minus shipping, no questions asked).

The Airhawk is great…for me. It sits me up higher, provides great cushioning and is very comfortable.

However, as mentioned, it sits my up higher…by about an inch or so. As a result, my head is now further up in the wind flow and the wind noise increased dramatically. It was one of the first things I noticed, and it was annoying if not fatiguing.

My Classic currently has a 19" Memphis Shades Fat Boy, so I got online and discovered they offered a 21". That does not seem like much of a difference, and I almost didn't bother…but, I did. The mounting hardware matches up, so I just needed the screen itself, $80 at JP Cycles.


Just that additional two inches of windshield turned my 11 year old 1100 into a Gold Wing. Not only did wind noise drop about 70%, but I guess I didn't realize how much push I was getting on the outside of my shoulders from the wind coming around the sides of the slightly smaller wind screen. I now have that "pocket" that Touring guys talk about…and it is GREAT.

Riding south yesterday morning, I was able to get a look at my shadow on the side of the road and the top of the windscreen stops right in line with my nose…exactly what is recommended. Guys/gals, I cannot believe how much more comfortable it is to ride with a windscreen that deflects 80% of the wind around your helmet and torso.

Who woulda thought two more inches…not even the full length of my thumb…could improve the driving experience. Also, the AirHawk seat pad, which with the higher windscreen, can stay a little more inflated and a lot more comfortable for me.

This is going to make my first long trip that much more enjoyable.
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